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Our School Anthem at BMGS

Great Bubendorff alma-mater, my pride,
In simplicity, meekness and innocence,
Great ones filled with knowledge and confidence,
Great Bubendorff with love, we hail thee,
Hail Bubendorff Memorial Grammar School.

CHOROUS; Hail Bubendorff, great Bubendorff,
Greatness through hard work we uphold. X2

Worthy Bubendorff my beloved, my cherished.
May we drink from your fountain of wisdom.
Nature, Inspire and bless your children,
To great height in life’s endeavours attain,
To become responsible and great sons.

Oh! Bubendorff my great inheritance,
The vision of the founding fathers.
We salute and uphold with integrity.
Bringing distinction and honor to thee,
As your good and worthy Ambassadors