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Dear Parent/Guardian,
We are indeed grateful to God Almighty for his Mercy, guidance on us all as a family and as an institution. We also appreciate your support both morally and financially. We join you in appreciating God Almighty for his provision to discharge your primary responsibilities on your ward(s). We ask God to continually shower His Mercy on your household and uphold you all.
60TH ANNIVERSARY: We thank every parent who supported us in any way during the preparation of the 60th anniversary, especially those who have already paid their N5000 for the event. We also thank all who attended the occasion.

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION: The day of birth of our Anointed Saviour Jesus Christ draws nigh. It is a season of boundless joy. It is time to be happy despite all odds, a time when lots of family members come together to celebrate and have fun. Their coming home this season should not be to play football from dawn till dusk, or wander after masquerades from pillar to pole. Hopefully too, it’s not to watch violent movies from tick to tack, or cross legs and fold arms over domestic chores. As parents and guardians, we believe your enormous experiences over years supersede your wards. Please kindly watch their movement.

PROMOTION CRITERIA: We want to notify our parents that the school’s promotion criteria are as follow:
• SS2 AND SS3: 45% and above in seven (7) subjects including English and Mathematics.
• SS1: 45% and above in Twelve (12) subjects including English and Mathematics.
• JSS1, JSS2 and JSS3: 45 and above in Ten (10) subjects including English or Mathematics.
We want parents to understand that every child is unique in his own way. Every parent should understand their children’s ability to learning and help them rise to the challenges which often are gradual.

VISITING OTHER THAN OPENING, CLOSING AND VISITING DAYS: It is not allowed for any parent/guardian to visit other than the opening, visiting and closing days unless called upon. Should there be any need to do so, the head of the school must be duly informed with cogent reasons and permission granted at least 2 days before coming. Should you fail to follow this guideline, you will not be allowed to see your ward.
LATE RESUMPTION: School resumes on Sunday 5th January, 2020 for second term. We implore our amiable parents to work with the school calendar, as the school frowns at late resumption of students. This makes it difficult for them to be on the same page with other students. . Boarders who resume later than 5.00pm on the day of resumption or later than the day of resumption will be punished.
SCHOOL FEES: Each boarding student is to pay N37, 000 while the day student pays N12, 000 (JSS1-JSS3 Day students). When fees are not paid in time, it creates a lot of issues to the school. Upon resumption, we shall not allow any student in without evidence of payment. Payment can be done at any of these banks:
o HERITAGE BANK: 2300408780.
o FIRST BANK: 2031991810
Account name = Bubendorff Memorial Grammar School, Adazi-Nnukwu.
Depositor’s name (the student’s name).
We plead once more that those who are yet to pay the 60th anniversary fee of N5, 000 should do so, on or before resumption day. Account no: Zenith bank: 1014036834.

CHECKING OF RESULT: Each of the students was given scratch card for a session i.e He will use it to check his result for first term, second term and third term. Result will be ready in the internet as from 23rd December, 2019. Visit the school website to verify your ward’s/son’s registration number before checking his result, OR come to the school for a print out.

ADMISSION: We wish to announce to the general public that admission 2020/2021 academic session is on. Registration forms are on sale at the school at the cost of N1000.

Thank you for your many contributions to the school this term, ensuring that we remain a school of choice in the area. We wish all members of BMGS community Happy Christmas and New Year with your family.